Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sketches: Bored Husbands

 Bored Husband I

 Bored Husband II

An Old Couple Sitting at the Fountain

This afternoon I went to Bell Tower Shopping Center Cinema to watch the French movie Amour, which I believe is the saddest movie I have ever seen in the past year. The movie seems to support my thinking in this respect. I often questioned the meaning of the progress made so far in medical science. It appears that the glorious discoveries in the medical world are mostly the medications or treatments that extend humans' life span or physical existence, but nothing equally commendable could be said about the progress in maintaining our mental and psychological health. I mentioned in the blog a lady I painted at the nursing home before. I remember I said, "To me a meaningful life is actually gone." I don't intend to get into a lengthy discussion on the movie. Right after the movie, I went to Bell Tower Shopping Center and was successful in grabbing some sketches. The first two are both bored husbands while their wives were shopping. A third one, Canadian snowbird, noticed I was sketching there, so he came over to chat with me. He laughed heartily when he saw the words "Bored Husband". Shortly his wife came out of the Chico's, saying to him, "I didn't buy anything. The Canadian laughed again. He slapped me on the back and said, "I am still in good shape. See?"

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