Thursday, March 21, 2013

Alla Prima: Chanler

This morning I went to Punta Gorda Portrait Studio. The models who posed for us were a young couple. Since I painted a female model Lynne last week, I selected the young and handsome guy named Chanler for a change today. His girl friend Chayanne was posing for the other group. 

When the session was finished and I was driving on my way home, I suddenly heard, over the radio, Crystal Gayle and Willie Nelson were singing the beautiful song Two Sleepy People. It was a sweet feeling to relive, even  in the song, the most crazy but energetic part of human life even though it was so long ago. Maybe Chanler and Chayanne happened to be living it now. I was simply daydreaming to myself. Then my thoughts went to what happened recently in Vatican and the newly elected Pope. According to the media, even the Pope might have the experience, too when he was young. Does the experience make any difference to us as humans? I don't know about others, but to me, I believe the experience has ultimately sharpened my sensitivity to anything that is beautiful, no matter it is in nature, society, others, or in myself. I think that is important.


  1. Thank you for the portrait Weimin! It was a lot of fun meeting you. Everyone that I showed this picture loves it!
    - Chanler

  2. The pleasure is mine, too. It's nice to have you as my model. Maybe someday I'll paint Chayanne.