Thursday, March 21, 2013

Plein Air: The Dam on the Canl

This is the second painting of the day. The scene is usually the end of my biking route. The canal turns a right angle at the place. On this side of the dam there are a lot of algae which look rusty color. There are no algae beyond the dam. I am not sure if that is one of its functions. Not far behind where I stand there is a fenced-in residence. it seems the owners of the house are a bunch of outdoor people. I can see all kinds of vehicles behind the fence: huge RV, four-wheel dirt motorcycle, big-wheel truck with sightseeing seats on the top open-air platform. Now their dog has become more friendly and stopped barking at me. Each time I bike there, the dog simply runs along with me behind the fence till the farthest end of his owner's property. Then he stands at the fence corner and watches me bike away.

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