Monday, March 25, 2013

Plein Air: Casualty of Recession

Oil on panel 9 x 12

This morning around 10 AM, I drove down E 2 St. Right after I passed Wellington Ave. I saw this uncompleted home construction. We all know this area's realty market has been hit the most severely in the country by the recession. Uncompleted home construction has become a common sight in this part of Florida. Like with the abandoned farm houses I saw previously in South Carolina and Georgia, it is amazing to see how quickly nature can take back the space of the planet from humans. Weeds and other vegetation have been quietly crawling over and climbing up the walls. Before we know it, they have been all over the place. Of course, animals won't wait, either. For those which have a roof on, some of our fellow creatures will come to do whatever they think they can do in there. It is always an eye sore, but, thank god, it's not something like Detroit.

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