Thursday, March 14, 2013

Portrait of A Musician

Lynne, the Flute Player
Oil on Canvas Paper, 16 x 20

I went to Punta Gorda VAC Portrait Studio this morning. The model was Lynne, who was a flute player. Actually she held the flute in her hands, but my composition was not planned to include the instrument. Overall, I was happy with the process there. Hope you like the picture, too. 

As for the poster Temporary Heaven which I posted yesterday, some of you E-mailed to me saying they couldn't get through in the blog to make comments. I checked Google +. It ended the Google blog was experiencing some difficulties yesterday evening. Maybe that explains why you were unable to post your comments there. I am going to reveal the answer anyway. 

I believe if you have acquired some knowledge about positive and negative space in artistic visual perception, possibly it won't be too difficult for you to see the images in Temporary Heaven. In fact, the irregular white shapes in the poster are just negative space between two lovers. I have sketched two figures who are going to hug each other. See the illustration below. I don't think you would have any troubles recognizing thsee two figures.

Now in your imagination, try to push the two lovers towards each other till their noses are overlapped and their chests are almost pressed to each other. Then you go back to the poster. 


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