Tuesday, October 17, 2017

En Plein Air: Road Construction (Oil, 9 x 12)

It warmed up in the afternoon. Therefore, I pushed my painting kit down Glenfell St, not having decided what I was going to paint. As I was approaching the intersection of Glenfell and 80th Rd., I heard some noise and sniffed a smell of burned asphalt. In a moment, I saw some construction workers were resurfacing the bridge over the LIRR tracks on 80th Rd. Recently, I happened to have a craving for painting figures in the environment, so I simply went to the construction site and set up on the sidewalk nearby to paint.

Monday, October 16, 2017

En Plein Air: The Heavy Traffic on Metropolitan Ave. (Oil, 9 x 12)

I stationed myself on the corner of Metropolitan Ave. and Park Lane this morning. It happened to be the rush hours. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Figure in the Environment: Roland (Oil, 12 x 9)

It was pure serendipity. I didn't go outside in the morning for fear of possible rain. In the afternoon I was told it felt good outside, so even though it was kind of late, I decided to go out to paint. When I got to the entrance of the Forest Park, I saw a handsome young man sitting on the stone wall that ran around the high mound and playing with his cellphone. The posture reminded me of a painting by Kim English (see the picture below). I got a sudden impulse to paint him. Therefore, I turned around and asked how long he would be sitting there. He said he was waiting for his friends and asked me why. I told him that if he could sit there for an hour I would paint him a picture. I quickly added that he didn't have to sit rigidly still. Instead, he could relax and do things he naturally would do. He agreed. I immediately got busy my kit set up. The sketch took only an hour. When he saw the picture, the young man said with a smile, "It's worth waiting." Maybe that is the best compliment to me. He is a ninth-grader. His name is Roland.