Friday, September 30, 2016

En Plein Air: A Fine Place for Meditation (Oil, 9 x 12)

I went to paint this morning with the Lee Plein Air Group to the Unitarian Universalist Church which was located on  Shire Ln, close to the bridge of I-75 over Denial Parkway. Before I went there to paint today, I didn't even know that there was a UU church in Fort Myers. I heard about the church being very liberal and inclusive. It accepts not only every denomination of Christianity but also Islam, Judaism, Buddhists, agnostics, and atheists. 

Right by the parking lot, there was an eco-preserved garden. When I saw a wooden outdoor chair in the woods facing the pond, I decided right away that I was going to paint it.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Alla Prima Portrait: Jo Ann (Oil, 20 x 16)

It was Punta Gorda's Portrait Studio day today. Jo Ann was our model. I don't remember I have ever painted her before. Overall, I did OK, just making her look a little stern.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Interior Paining and Drawings at the Edison Mall

Fountain at the Edison Mall (Oil, 9 x 12)

Draft of the Fountain at the Edison Mall

Retiree sitting at the Hall

Food Court

Inspired by masters like Anne Blair Brown and Kim English, I felt an itch to try my hands on painting interior. Finally, this morning I decided to go to the Edison Mall to paint its inside. I knew I might have trouble with the security because I had not contacted them to get their permission to paint in there. Anyway, it was too late. Therefore, I prepared myself to talk my way out. Before I left home, I put on my campus T-shirt with USF on my chest and campus business cards. I got there pretty early. There were only a few customers. I went straight to the Macy's. Quickly, I set up there by the large window next to its entrance. I got down to business right away, but the security appeared in no time. He asked if I got permission either from the Mall or the Macy's. The store manager happened to be near the entrance. I immediately made my request. She seemed to be pretty sympathetic, but the security said, "If you agree to let him paint, he has to be inside the store boundary. If he stayed where he is, then you must talk to the Mall manager." Of course, I didn't want to move. so the Macy's manager went inside  the store and I kept painting. The security stood by watching me paint. I painted for ten more minutes, the guy lost his patience. He called the Mall manager asking if the Macy's had contacted him. The answer was NO. By then the security said, "I was sorry but I am afraid you have to leave here." By then I got a draft as I see above. I took a few pictures with my cell and finished it at home.

Before I went home, I also grabbed a few sketches. I have posted two of them.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

En Plein Air: Mrs, Foster's Cow (Oil, 9 x 12)

Yes, another cow. I happened to drive by Mrs. Foster's farm, which I had not been to for quite a while. Out of curiosity, I made a turn and pulled onto her long and winding drive. She was a nice lady and told me to help myself to her farm if I wanted to paint there. Shortly after I set up and began to paint, I saw her driving in my direction. She stopped and got out of her car to greet me. We were happy to see each other. She told me the cow gave birth to a calf just a month ago. I saw the calf and tried to include it in my painting but it wandered away.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Two Quick Oil Sketches

 Morning by the Canal (Oil, 12 x 12)

Cow Grazing by the Fence (9 x 12)

It was cloudy this morning, not too hot or humid. Therefore, I did two quick oil sketches. I left home pretty early, around the sunrise time. 

Interestingly, today I received two phone calls from the number of 333-216-1046. The first call was as early as 6:45 AM. The guy on the other end had a strong Indian or Pakistani accent. He said, "I am calling from the Windows. Is your computer nearby? Please open it." I responded,"Really? I didn't know Microsoft changed its name." "No, no, no. We are the Windows department. Your computer has viruses?" "Wow, how nice of you to inform me of that," said I. "What's your catch? Some easy money?" He hung up. He must have dementia and called a second time at 11:45 AM. Again, he said, "I am calling from Windows department." I laughed and said, "Hello again! I thought you are calling from India." He hung up again.

A few months ago, a guy called me saying, "I am calling from your pharmacy and we try to deliver your medication. What is your birthday?" "July 4, 1776." was my answer and he hung up immediately.

Friday, September 23, 2016

En Plein Air: Halloween Decoration at the Artful Gardens (Oil, 9 x 12)

I went this morning  to the Artful Gardens which was a place established to accommodate exceptional children so that they could work on their own creative projects. When I got there, to my surprise, my friend Joe had built a gate at the entrance and it was locked. Obviously, there were no activities today. I didn't want to disturb people there. There was an old tractor at the entrance as a kind of decoration and I had thought of painting it. Therefore, I decided right away. There was always a dummy sitting on it. Since the Halloween is around the corner, I'd rather take it as the festival decoration.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Alla Prima Portrait: Jazz Singer Pam (Oil, 20 x 16)

Today's model at VAC Portrait Studio was Pam, a Jazz singer. She mentioned when she was sitting there for us to paint, where she usually sang, but I just forgot. For some of us, it was the second time. To me, it was the first time. Maybe the first time when she came to pose, I was in New York. It is not one of my best. Just a study.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

En Plein Air: Small Horse Buggy Standing on Its Head (Oil, 12 x 9)

This afternoon, I went to my friends Lane and Debbie's horse farm. They were not home at first. I helped myself and walked into the stable. Except for a pony, all the horses were not in there. I saw a small horse buggy standing at the end of the stable, part of it in the sun. It was standing on its head to save space for sure. I stayed in the stable to paint it so that I didn't have to be in the sun.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

En Plein Air: Sailboat by the Covered Dock (Oil, 11 x 8)

I went to the Owl Creek Boatyard. I overdid a little and it should not have taken as long as I did.

Friday, September 16, 2016

En Plein Air: Veteran Park, Lehigh Acres (Oil, 6 x 11)

The Lee Plein Air Group scheduled to paint at the Veteran Park, Lehigh Acres and that suited me fine. In order to avoid the heat, I went there a little earlier than planned to give myself a headstart. I did a sketch of the road in the morning sun. It took only an hour and a half. My Floridian fellow artists and I were happy to see each other again after I was out of town for several months.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Alla Prima Portrait: Antonio

Antonio is the Visual Arts Center's regular model. Today he sat for us at the Portrait Studio. it was the second I painted him.

Thursday, September 8, 2016

Sketches Drawn at the Car Dealer's Services Department

I went this afternoon to Toyota AutoNation to get the maintenance job done with my car. It happened to be a busy day. There were at the waiting room quite a crowd. Some looked bored; others tried to kill time by reading something on their ipads or cellphones. A number of people simply grabbed anything from the shelves to read: newspaper, magazines, or advertisement fliers.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Portrait: Maria (Oil 20 x 16)

It is still very humid outside in Florida. The temperature is in the 90s F and pretty humid. Sometimes, it feels like 100 degrees. As a warm-up, my friend Kirsten at Winkler Court Nursing Home found a model for me. She is a resident there named Maria.