Monday, September 26, 2016

Two Quick Oil Sketches

 Morning by the Canal (Oil, 12 x 12)

Cow Grazing by the Fence (9 x 12)

It was cloudy this morning, not too hot or humid. Therefore, I did two quick oil sketches. I left home pretty early, around the sunrise time. 

Interestingly, today I received two phone calls from the number of 333-216-1046. The first call was as early as 6:45 AM. The guy on the other end had a strong Indian or Pakistani accent. He said, "I am calling from the Windows. Is your computer nearby? Please open it." I responded,"Really? I didn't know Microsoft changed its name." "No, no, no. We are the Windows department. Your computer has viruses?" "Wow, how nice of you to inform me of that," said I. "What's your catch? Some easy money?" He hung up. He must have dementia and called a second time at 11:45 AM. Again, he said, "I am calling from Windows department." I laughed and said, "Hello again! I thought you are calling from India." He hung up again.

A few months ago, a guy called me saying, "I am calling from your pharmacy and we try to deliver your medication. What is your birthday?" "July 4, 1776." was my answer and he hung up immediately.