Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Interior Paining and Drawings at the Edison Mall

Fountain at the Edison Mall (Oil, 9 x 12)

Draft of the Fountain at the Edison Mall

Retiree sitting at the Hall

Food Court

Inspired by masters like Anne Blair Brown and Kim English, I felt an itch to try my hands on painting interior. Finally, this morning I decided to go to the Edison Mall to paint its inside. I knew I might have trouble with the security because I had not contacted them to get their permission to paint in there. Anyway, it was too late. Therefore, I prepared myself to talk my way out. Before I left home, I put on my campus T-shirt with USF on my chest and campus business cards. I got there pretty early. There were only a few customers. I went straight to the Macy's. Quickly, I set up there by the large window next to its entrance. I got down to business right away, but the security appeared in no time. He asked if I got permission either from the Mall or the Macy's. The store manager happened to be near the entrance. I immediately made my request. She seemed to be pretty sympathetic, but the security said, "If you agree to let him paint, he has to be inside the store boundary. If he stayed where he is, then you must talk to the Mall manager." Of course, I didn't want to move. so the Macy's manager went inside  the store and I kept painting. The security stood by watching me paint. I painted for ten more minutes, the guy lost his patience. He called the Mall manager asking if the Macy's had contacted him. The answer was NO. By then the security said, "I was sorry but I am afraid you have to leave here." By then I got a draft as I see above. I took a few pictures with my cell and finished it at home.

Before I went home, I also grabbed a few sketches. I have posted two of them.