Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Non-Objective Class Work

Acrylic on canvas 16 x 20

Today in class everyone was required to make a 16 x 20 non-objective painting. To be honest, I am a layman to abstract art. My visual imagination has to be based on reality. Of course, as an artist, I believe a good art work often results from artist's transfiguration. However, my art world has to be rooted in form. Before today's class I misunderstood what it meant by "non-objective". As a matter of fact, it requires no consideration of form. So in class I made this painting. When the instructor came by and saw it, he said, "To me, it is a landscape." I honestly admitted that I was trying to abstract in the painting the scene I saw from the corner of my eye when I was biking. he laughed and responded, "So it simply is not in your nature." I guess he was right.

OK, talking about art form, now let's play a game. The following is a black-and-white poster titled Temporary Heaven. As you can tell, it is simply some irregular white shapes against a black background. Could anyone tell me what you see in the poster? Please write your answers as comments so that everyone can see. I'll reveal it tomorrow if no one could figure it out or let you know that your visual interpretation is correct.


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