Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Homework: Nymph

This is an assignment from my painting class before the Spring Break. The requirement says: "Full ton 8" x 10" non-objective layout." Actually it was new to me because in spite of the fact that, in the past studies, I did think of symbolic meanings of objects or postures and do some modifications, I had never thought of reality from a non-objective perspective. I didn't want to go as far as abstract art. I thought of Andrew Wyeth's Spring with a naked old man lying under snow with face, part of limbs and body poking out of snow. Evidently, it was non-objective approach to the topic. 

In my morgue, I had a picture of a sculpture which was a female lying there on her back. At the same time I thought of a small ceramic water buffalo I used to have. When you placed the water buffalo on the table, the image showed the animal as if legs were under water and you could not see. In fact, you had to imagine the table top as the water surface. Inspired by the water buffalo, I looked at the sculpture of the female and imagine part of her body was covered by water. I quickly sketched the image and started it on the canvas. That is what you are seeing now.

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