Monday, February 18, 2013

Two Plein-Air Sketches I Did Today

 Fort Myers Beach
Oil on panel 9 x 12

Land Not Yet Developed in Florida
Oil on panel 9 x 12

Last night I was studying Joaquin Sorolla's paintings, especially those about people in or by the water. He is a master of handling light and color reflected in shaded part while the sun was making the whole environment hazy and glowing. Suddenly I got an almost irresistible impulse to paint water. So this morning I hopped into my car and drove to Fort Myers Beach. On my way there I realized the whole country was still on holiday. Oh, Heck! Why did I pick such a day to go to the beach again?  It happened last Labor Day with so many people that I couldn't even find a parking space. Well, this time I was going to paint people any way. I had to comfort myself this way. There was another lesson I learned today. Next time if I am going to paint people on beach, I think I should use a larger panel. 9 x 12 is OK for landscape sketch but not large enough to show the reflection of light. I didn't feel very comfortable there, so I did a quick one and went home. 

Since I didn't get my time worth for the trip and the guilty feeling made me feel like wanting to make another one for the day. I thought of a road next to the timeshare resort. This place was supposed to be very desirable for home builders since it was located next to the golf course. Unfortunately, the resort was almost out of business and the golf course kind of deserted. No one was thinking of developing this area for now. When I was biking, I I was hypnotized by the beauty of the reeds in the setting sun. The dusk was falling on the top part of the weeds which formed something like a veil of fog shimmering in tremulous light. I didn't hesitate at all before deciding where I should go to paint my next picture for the day. The light changed so fast. By the time I put things back into my trunk, everybody on the road already had their headlights on.

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