Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Life-Size Portrait: Scott

This is an alla prima acrylic portrait in Carl's painting class. Scott was the model. Carl interestingly arranged the light source lower than the model's eye level. Scott sat on the table top. Since I stayed quite a distance away from the model, I had to keep putting on and taking off my glasses. The good thing for me to paint without glasses was it forced me to block in large chunks of color and not to mind details. However, when I needed to see more clearly the details I should focus, I had to wear them. Of course, I knew I have to clean my eye glasses frame.
Last night, I watched carefully online Carolyn Anderson's and Quang Ho's paintings in an attempt to remember how they handled color transition and edges. Some students stayed behind me today in class. They tried to see how I processed the portrait. Before long they gave up, saying after their eyes left my canvas to take care their own and then came back to look at my picture, they didn't know how I got that step. I honestly told them that I didn't know myself, but simply remember the three adjectives with which Carolyn Anderson described what she did at the beginning of making a portrait. They are "fast, bold, and loose."

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