Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sketch: Patient at Aspen Dental

Hi, everybody:

I went to the dentist late yesterday afternoon. I was the last patient. There was only one lady before me. Here she is in the sketch. Long to go out doing plein-air painting but there are a few items of mortal business to take care of no matter how dreadful they are. Tomorrow's class will be the last one before spring break. It will be figure painting. I plan to do more plein-airs next week if there ars no meteors coming into my life like the one Russians had recently.

I recommend to you, especially elderly friends, to read the article Why Our Medical Bills Are Killing Us in March 4, 2013 issue of Time magazine. It is outrageous how the medical profession is bleeding us to death and Obamacare is simply beating around the bush, or, using an old Chinese saying, "scratching your ankle outside the boot." No wonder my lawyer friend says, "That is why doctors wear masks."

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