Saturday, February 9, 2013

Plein-Air: Cows at Eden Winery

Cows at Eden Winery

Tourists at Eden Winery

Ms. Penny Fox, a Cape Coral Art League instructor, organized today's plein-air outing at Eden Winery, Alva FL. I joined them in the activity. I went there earlier than the group. After looking around, I decided to paint the cows. I knew the cows at Eden Winery always roamed freely over the farm and were not shy of people. I saw them lying behind the wire fence. When I set up my easel, they didn't seem to be bothered and continued to lie there. Or maybe because of the fence. Like Robert Frost says, good fence made good neighbors. I did the oil sketch pretty quick. When Penny found me at the spot around noon, I was almost done with it.

I joined Penny's group at lunch time. Jay the winery manager came to let everyone taste some of their wine. There were quite a few snowbirds who came to visit the winery. I chatted with some of them and made a few sketches. the one above is just one of them.

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