Sunday, February 17, 2013

Oil Practice: Hilly Street

This is the largest canvas which I have painted so far. The painting is an assignment of my painting class. The requirement is a "finalized full tone layout composition for 30'' x 40'' canvas on Values."
The scene is from the area where I did painting last summer. It is a town named Edgewater in New Jersey. it basically sits on the cliff which overlooks the Hudson River, facing Manhattan, New York. Usually, I don't like painting from photos. I took the picture as a kind of reminder to myself to paint the scene later. I love hilly streets. I may have got the feeling from driving on curvy and winding mountain roads  in Pennsylvania. I always enjoyed the beauty hilly winding roads. I selected this photo in my collection because of the rich variety of lines and shapes in addition to the values. I like the sensation of moving large brushes across the canvas. I did experiment with color values. However, there was not much of creativity involved in the painting besides acquiring some experiences.

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