Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Class Work: Art Student Hanna Painting in Class

This was the last class before Spring Break. At first I thought we were going to do a figure painting after homework critique. It turned out that figure painting would be the class after the Spring Break. It seemed I was not the only one misunderstood the arrangement. For the rest of the class today, we were told to further work on our homework. Many students had their morgue saved on ipad or cell phone, so they simply improved their painting by checking what they had collected on ipad or cell. I had completed my homework. In addition, I didn't have my notebook with me. Therefore, I decided to paint the student Hanna, who was not far from me in the crowded class studio with tables, chairs, and all kinds of easels. It was really a quick sketch but she and other students seemed to like it.

While Carl the instructor was critiquing our homework, I took some pictures. I post here a couple to give you some idea about the class.

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