Thursday, February 7, 2013

Alla Prima Portrait: Betty

Today I went to Punta Gorda's portrait studio session. As usual, in wintertime, there were two models. When I arrived there, the models were not there yet. So I set up my newly constructed guerrilla easel at one location. I wished later I set up at the other location because one of the models was Betty, of whom I made a portrait in acrylic about two years ago. There was nothing against this soft-spoken old lady. I just hoped to have more variety and could have painted the other model who was new to me. Anyway, I painted Betty again. She looked older than two years ago when I painted her last time. Of course, we are all getting older all the time. You may compare these two paintings in my Painting Gallery of this blog.

I am still learning how to control the thickness of paint very skillfully on the canvas so that I can totally free myself and give full attention to color interaction. Even though I didn't felt the freedom as I did yesterday with the acrylic painting of Scott (partly because of the new easel), I believe I did learn something with this one about handling oil paint.


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