Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Plein-Air Oil Sketch: Mrs. Foster's Oak

I promised Mrs. Foster that I would make a printout of the painting of her boat ramp which I did a few months ago. I did have made a copy and left it in my car for quite some time. Today I told myself that I had to make a special trip to her farm and deliver the picture to her. 

I knocked on her door for nearly a minute while her puppies were busy barking behind the window. Through the window I saw her come slowly with a walker. Obviously she wasn't walking very conveniently. When she opened the door, she smiled and said, "You don't need permission to paint. Anytime you want to come to paint, you are welcome. When I showed her the picture, her face lit up. it was a surprise to her, evidently. She looked at the painting and names the things there in the picture.

Then I began to search for scenes to paint, but it became so windy, I had to retreat to her carpool and set up. The oak was right in front of me.

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