Monday, June 6, 2016

Sketches Done at Queens Library and Subway

As a matter of fact, I went out pretty early to paint this morning. I went to Forest Hills Gardens at the entrance which the TV series Madam Secretary used in one episode as a setting for a Swiss scene because the buildings there made you feel as if you were walking in Swiss or German street. At first I felt good and confident in painting. However, as time passed by, I forgot I was painting out of the effect and lost control of the value. Even though people walking by made uhs and ahs about my painting, inside I felt disappointed in myself. As usual, if I felt disappointed and upset, I needed do something to compensate for myself. It happened that my wife reminded me that there was scheduled a Atlas Soul concert at Queens library.  Therefore, I decided to go there this evening.

Gosh, it was so good! The Boston-based band describes themselves as an "Afro Mediterranean Cross-Cultural Music Experience." The five musicians came from different countries in different continents. They used different languages to sing authentically their native songs. Their music sounded a little close to Reggae, which I liked, but evidently had its own strong flavor. I also like the philosophy they were consciously trying to promote about fraternity and commonness of humankind. When one of them asked if anyone knew the meaning of the French word pourquoi, I felt good that I was familiar with the word pourquoi, having taught children's literature for so long.  It was one of the best concerts held recently at Queens Libraries. During the concert, I made a sketch for each of the musicians. They were happily surprised and all autographed my sketches on my request. We also had a picture taken together. These guys were so big that I looked like a Lilliptian standing with them. I really felt better and all the bad feelings about the painting this morning were gone.

On my way to and back from Queens Library, of course, I did some sketches as usual. The second one I did at the library before the concert began.

Recently I have bought Cretacolor charcoal and oil sticks. They are good. However, they require better quality paper than computer printer paper. Besides, unless you draw a comparatively longer time sketch with details, for daily quick sketches, you don't feel they allow the same smoothness and freedom as ink pen.

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