Tuesday, June 14, 2016

En Plein Air: The Curve of Beverly Road (Oil, 9 x 12)

Early this morning, I went to the intersection of Beverly Rd. and Audley St. I set up on the street corner, overlooking the curvy Beverly road. The sun lit up some of the houses and made them really stand out, but the unlit part of the neighborhood was still submerged in a swamp of inky blueness. The scene was very interesting.

As I was painting, people began to stop by. Quite a few of them still remembered me because, I guess, they saw me when I was painting last summer on the same spot, only at a different angle. One lady, as she crossed the street, said to me with a smile, "So you are back?" A guy stood behind me watching me paint. Then he said, "Do you happen to have your cards with you? I misplaced the one you gave me last time." So he and I did have a conversation last summer. Later on, parents with children came, using the situation to have an art educational dialogue with their children. Of course, there were questions for me, too: "Did you teach art?" "Are you taking students?" and when, where, how long did you learn art? So on and so forth. In addition, I never miss people who also wanted to test their Chinese one me.

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