Tuesday, April 12, 2016

En Plein Air: Terry's Porch (oil, 9 x 12)

Each time when I was driving along Peace Road, I passed a nursery farm named Hickory Hammock. Out of curiosity, I turned into it  this morning. I saw a lot of potted plants and and trees. As I reached the end of the road, there was a circle. And I saw a resident building with a deck and a shack with a porch, most probably for storing tools or something like that. I was deciding what I was going to paint, a lady stopped her four-wheeler behind me and walked over. She asked if she could help me. I responded by asking whether she knew the guy named Mark Tracy down the road. She said certainly and she and the Tracy's had been friends for decades. Then I introduced myself, saying I was Mark's artist friend and would like to paint on her farm for today instead of the Tracy's. Terry was very nice and told me that I could come to paint on her farm anytime. Therefore, I set on the road circle and painted her shack with a porch. Obviously she used the porch as a carport, but the trunk top was too high to get under the porch and it had to be left outside in the open.

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