Monday, October 14, 2013

En Plein Air: Schooner at Woody's Boatyard (Acrylic, 12 x 16)

This morning I went to my friend Woody's boatyard to paint the schooner docked there. Basically I am painting out of the effect. When I got there, the sun just touched the tip of the masts. I knew it wouldn't last long, so I tried hard to remember the effect of the morning sun. The schooner was huge. It reminded me of Van Allsburg's The Wreck of the Zephyr, which was one of the favorite books I used in my Children's Literature class to illustrate how the author/artist implemented perfectly in the book principles of design and logical use of visual art elements. As a matter of fact, I was also carried away by his imagination in the story. Sailing had been a dream in my early years. Painting boats also helps soothe the regret inside for the unfulfilled dream .


  1. I like both of these new paintings. Boats have a lot of details too so it can be lots of work. Looks good. Chris Van Allsburg does have beautiful books. I think you can still sail. Harry had a number of them been with power for a while but may find a sailboat again. Kinda afraid of all the shallow areas and wind gusts and sharks! We are use to Lake Michigan & on Lake Erie in Cleveland, Ohio with its marvelous breakwall. Storms came up fast there but the breakwall provided calmer safer stretch to get back to our dock. Last night I watched & photographed at sunset a group of 7 sailboats moored by Gilchrist Park, they will be here till Friday morning. They come together once a year from Cape Coral. It was choppy as they left the picnic area, tried to get back in their dingies and motor back out to the sailboats and try to climb back aboard. Maybe you can paint them Thursday afternoon. Today! HA! I also thought about that paint on the beach event but it would be a lot of driving. Did you just sign up for the one day? Maybe use some slow dry medium with the acrylics.

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