Thursday, October 3, 2013

Alla Prima Figure: Rick Without Moustache (Oil, 20 x 16)

Rick is our regular model at Punta Gorda VAC. Today he posed for us again. The reason I used this title is because he had his moustache last time when he posed for us. If you go to the Painting Gallery of my blog and scroll down, you will see the portrait I made under the title Rick, the Biker. As a matter of fact, the portrait let me win an award last fall. Rick said it was the first time in 30 years that he shaved off his moustache, so it was also the first time for his son to see him without moustache.
For the first time, as far as I know, VAC Portrait Studio had a model posing like that. It was all because of me. I was so sick and tired of painting the kind of pose in which the model always sat in the what I called the movie director's personal chair that I considered not going to the portrait studio every week if it went on like that. Finally, I suggested to Trudy, a soft-speaking nice lady who happened to be our Portrait Studio leader, that we do something about it. Trudy was very open-minded and supportive. Therefore, we rolled out from the storage the mobile mini stage which usually the live drawing group used in the evening. I put away the movie director chair. Instead, we used a step ladder with a cushion on the top to make it comfortable to sit on. Rick was a great model, very professional. Unlike many others, he would go back to the pose immediately upon hearing the timer ringing which indicated the end of the  break even though quite a few of my fellow artists had not come back yet. I did this quick oil sketch. Hope you like it.

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