Wednesday, September 4, 2013

En Plein Air: Outside Doc. Ford Rum Bar & Grill, Ft. Myers Beach

Oil, 11 x 14
It was still cloudy around 8 AM in the morning. I went to Ft. Myers Beach. Again I got off the road right before the bridge and went under it. I set up on a dock at Gulf Star Marina. It was a quite and cozy corner until the sun came out of the clouds. I had my umbrella with me so I had the painting in its shade. All docks were empty. Maybe people were still tired from Labor Day. I sort of liked it because the docks formed an interesting group of lines of different lengths which unified the whole picture. While I was painting, I did hear some splashing noise from the water. I thought it was fish. To my surprise, One of the sailors who happened to carry something to his boat which was outside my picture told me it was a dolphin. How nice! I learned a lesson. When I opened my umbrella, there was almost no wind, not even breezes, so I became lazy and didn't weight down the tripod with my heavy paint box. Right before I started to wrap up, the wind knocked the easel off balance. Fortunately, there was not much damage and I could easily fix it.

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