Friday, August 30, 2013

En Plein Air: Wooden Bridge at the Hut Tropical Garden

Oil,  9 x 12
According to Lee Plein Air group's schedule, we were supposed to paint the Lakes Park. I painted there before and wasn't very crazy about the artificial park views. That is why when Penny and Brian suggested that we went to paint at the Hut Tropical Garden or Community Center, I immediately agreed even though I had never been to the Hut and didn't know what it looked like. Since I was new to everything: the group and the place and didn't know how the activity was  usually proceeded. I simply went to the place and found a view to paint, so I set up and got started. By the time I was finished, I sort of remembered my experience last week when I went to Doc. Ford's Rum Bar to paint. From beginning to the end, I didn't see anyone from the group. I had to tell myself maybe that was the way it should be. Out of curiosity this morning, I called Penny. I was sorry that when I was painting at the tropical garden, she and Brian were waiting for me at the Community Center for about 10 minutes.
The Hut was a quiet rustic area, very paintable. When I saw the wooden bridge, I decided to paint it right away. The only unpleasant thing might be the puppies. When I was setting up, out of nowhere, four or five puppies followed me and barked at me tirelessly. At first I simply ignored them. These youngsters might have mistaken my tolerance for encouragement to their arrogance. They not only kept barking at me, but also came closer and closer. The endless noise made it hard for me to concentrate. Therefore, I picked up a chunk of dirt and threw it in the puddle near them. The splash made them back up. By then, a worker came out of the back door of the building and helped me get rid of them.

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