Thursday, August 8, 2013

Alla Prima Portrait: Country Musician Harry

The model at our portrait studio this morning was Musician Harry. He was a great model not only because he could sat still the whole period of time but because his artistic temperament fit so well the character of the pose. I really enjoyed painting him. Thanks to Trudy's lighting arrangement with one light shooting up from a position near the floor, the atmosphere had a touch of being lit by a campfire. I have never gone into such details in an alla prima portrait.


  1. Hey thanks for posting the painting of Harry. It looks great. He was worried that the big dark cowboy hat that he got from his father years ago would cast a shadow and cause problems for the painters so he and Trudy moved one clip light lower. I am glad they thought to do that. But I really enjoy your comment about a bonfire or campfire. How cool! We did have fun painting him today. He plays Hammond organ in a blues band really. Our son Eddie plays country music. Years ago they played blues together. It gets confusing.

  2. Hi, Cathy:

    Glad you like the painting. Please tell Harry that I am sorry for misspelling his name and will change it immediately. Excuse me for my ignorance. I simply lumped blues into country music in a broad sense. If he wants me to change it, too, let me know.