Saturday, August 24, 2013

Introducing My Favorite Contemporary Plein Air Artist Marc Dalessio

Marc Dalessio is not only one of my favorite contemporary landscape artists but is also a faculty member of Florence Academy of Art. As a matter of fact, he is a role model and an inspiration to me as a plein air artist. Now I realize that even before I discovered Dalessio, what I pursued in plein air painting happened to have something in common with his practice. For instance, I loved to do quick oil sketches in authentic environment in order to distill beauty from reality. I never hesitated to go into places like a small Cuban restaurant to do oil sketches or paint figures while they were doing whatever they usually did in a totally natural situation. However, I was or am not as fast as he is to do an impromptu painting inside his car in an accidental traffic jam. As soon as I learned about what he was doing, I became very self-conscious in training myself in these skills and began to be clear about what I wanted to look for in my own art world. I also stole a lot of good ideas from him. For instance, I made my own guerrilla painting kit because he made his out of a cigar box. he is very generous with his creative ideas in his website You don't have to spend a fortune on luxurious art equipment. It is more fun to make them out of nothing. The following are some of his plein air works.

sag harbor yatch club Solo Show at the Grenning Gallery
Nieuwe Haring Maastricht Weekend in Maastricht
Onze Lieve Vrouweplein Maastricht Weekend in Maastricht
Sunday Fishermen with the City Hall Stockholm1 Stockholm Sketches
wine on the terrace Rainy May in Tuscany
dolac Spring in Zagreb
Špica Spring in Zagreb


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