Friday, August 23, 2013

Plein Air Today: Miss Cher

Today I went to Fort Myers Beach with the Lee Plein Air group. The place was near Doc. Ford's Rum Bar. At first I found a good spot. Unfortunately, one of the sailors told me that later there could be many people walking by on the narrow ramp, so I moved to the outside of Estero Bay State Aquatic Preserve Office, almost under the bridge. It was a good spot and I was in the shade, just next to a laundry room for the sailors. The down side of the place was the fact that some people had walked their dogs there and didn't clean behind their dogs. Therefore, I had to be careful, not to be carried away by my own painting and back away too far from the easel. Basically, I was facing the sun. The shrimp boat's name was Miss Cher. Shrimp boats all have interesting names. The other day I painted the Miss Down. I always remember the story why sailors use she  to refer to marine vessels. That is because they have a buoy (boy) at every harbor. Hope you like it. I mean the painting.

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