Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Visual Dialogues

Lost in Manhattan (Unfinished)
Oil 20 x 16

School Project
Oil 20 x 14
I like to call this kind of practice "visual dialogue" which I learned from Quang Ho. That is a quick study for a single purpose. I did the second one School Project this afternoon. It took me not as long as three hours. Like Faithful Servant of the Lord, I tried to study the minute changes in color in the same plane so as to enrich the picture as a whole. The first one is not in fact for the same purpose. Quite a few days ago I tried to make a serious piece with this title. Unfortunately, maybe because of my personality and Most I did were alla prima paintings, I lost interest in pursuing it the next day, especially the details of the background. That's why I group it in my visual dialogue practice. I guess there was not enough motivation for me to pursue a time-consuming painting with a serious topic.

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