Sunday, August 25, 2013

En Plein Air: Sunday at Owl Creek Boat Works

This morning I went to Owl Creek Boat Works in Alva. Usually there was always someone there on weekend: boat owners got on board their boat preparing to go to the sea or came back to dock their boat; some workers could be busy maintaining their own sailing boats or motorcycles.  However, today there wasn't a soul in the place. A black cat kept coming to rub my legs with its side and tail. I hoped it would rub some bad luck off me instead of on me because I have more than enough. It was so quiet that the only noise I heard was made by the wind which whipped some loose sail wraps. Occasionally I heard a splash from the waterway behind me, made either by fish, frogs, or gators. I positioned myself behind the office. Not till I almost finish my painting did someone come walking his dog there. I am glad I decided to paint this morning instead of going fishing.

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