Wednesday, September 18, 2013

En Plein Air: Gulf Marine Ways Boat Yard

Oil, 14 x 18
This morning I discovered the Gulf Marine Ways Boat Yard was a very paintable place. Unfortunately what I did wasn't very satisfactory. Maybe I was a little too bookish. Dalessio always advised students to paint facing the sun so that it would be easier to control the value of the painting. That is why I chose this boring composition. When I was home, I was not happy with the composition and the value in the picture, I used a 14 x 18 panel to redo it. I tried to retest the principle that area of interest should be in the upper part of the picture. Actually I placed it lower than the central line. I don't feel it is out of balance. I tried to express the clouds in the early morning, but didn't save enough space. Just a study. I painted two times on the same day.

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