Thursday, September 5, 2013

Alla Prima Portrait: Kelsey

Oil, 20 x 16
Kelsey is a 10-year-old young lady, a little chubby but lovely. Her mother is an artist. Kelsey was Punta Gorda's portrait studio's model this morning. Whenever I paint children, I always caution myself to remember first thing first because usually their patience is limited and can't sit for long without fidgeting. I think I have trained myself well enough to have the ability of painting people in their natural state, namely, they can talk or move around naturally instead of sitting motionlessly like Abraham Lincoln patronizing photographers. Children are after all children. Kelsey, as I had expected, began to feel not very comfortable during her second sitting, so we shortened the time for each sitting to 15 min. The length of break time was not strictly observed, since we understood she needed more time to recover the courage for resuming the rigid sitting. So I am not sure if the painting actually took as long as two hours. It's funny that I often did better if I was pressured for time. Maybe it was because I consciously had to cut off unnecessary trivial details. As a matter of fact, one of  the principles in art, that is, less is more, happened to be advertently reinforced this way.

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