Wednesday, September 11, 2013

En Plein Air: Docked Sailing Boat

Together with some Ft. Myers Beach artists, I went this morning to the dock right outside the Seafood Restaurant, Fort Myers Beach. It was a shrimp boat dock. There happened to be a sailing boat docked there.


  1. Hi, Mo,
    I like this one. Pauline said that all the shrimp boats went to Texas for shrimping these next 2 months. I saw her painting too. A few of us painted at the Gallery. I have been finishing and matting the watercolors I did this Summer.
    Velda said we will paint at Times Square in the morning (Friday) I plan to come down. Hope to see you there.
    Most FMBAA artists will be at Florida Watercolor Convention in Sarasota on Wed night, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Come on up (Google FWS convention - Sarasota) it is a great group of artists and many demos and the gallery of paintings is good too. Pauline got her painting in the show.

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