Friday, September 20, 2013

En Plein Air: Harns Marsh, Lehigh Acres, FL

I went to Harns Marsh this morning. There was nobody there. I was impressed by the vastness of the area around the blocked dirt road. I wanted to paint the impression. Therefore, instead of the size of 9 x 12 panels which I usually used for plein air painting, I went back to my car trunk and found a 14 x 18. I planned to paint the picture in 10 x 18 and would cut the rest of the panel when I got home.

Later, a bird-watcher came. he parked his car on the roadside and went across the road block with his binoculars hanging from the neck. In about an hour and half, he came back and told me that even though I was not allowed to drive my car beyond the road block, I could walk beyond and there was a lot to see inside. Maybe next time I can put my guerilla painting kit in my backpack and walk deep into the marsh to paint.

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