Saturday, September 28, 2013

En Plein Air: Meloy Hay Co. on Buckingham Road, Lehigh Acres

Oil 9 x 12
It was an interesting morning. I was grabbing something to eat for my breakfast as the weather man on TV was reporting the sunrise time was 7:19 AM. After that, I loaded my painting kit into my car and hit the road. On Joel Blvd., I saw a patrol car on the roadside in distance with its red-white-blue lights blinking on the top. I thought to myself there must be an accident down there. When I got closer, there was no accident. As soon as I passed the patrol car, he got back on the road and followed me. So I made a right turn and stopped on the road shoulder. The cop came and said, "You should have turned on your headlights." I responded, "The traffic regulations require headlights on before the sunrise which was 7:19AM today. And Now it is 7:30 AM. Besides, don't you feel the sun is now glaring into your eyes?" He smiled, "I just gave you a warning. That's all." O.K. Maybe it was kind of boring to him early Saturday morning.
Originally I planned to paint a tractor and a crane in the field on Highway 80. Several times I passed the spot and felt the basic yellow color scheme could make a good picture with their reflections in the swampy water. When I stopped my car on the roadside and looked at the scene again, I realized that I was in a disadvantaged lower position compared with what I saw in the car. Besides, the road shoulder has so many anthills that I felt like walking into a mine field. Therefore, I went back to my car and kept driving on Route 80.
As I was nearing Buckingham Road section, I remembered the Hut I painted before. I immediately turned into Buckingham and heading for the Hut. Before long, I saw on my left-hand side the land became open and wide-spread. I saw some farm machinery and dilapidated shacks. I was so happy to see this place and followed the dirt road. The picture took only an hour and a half. 

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