Monday, July 11, 2016

Figure Sketches at the Park: Anne Sunbathing and Parents at the Playground

It was a beautiful day today. I knew there would be quite a few people sunbathing in the park. After lunch, I crossed the street with my kit and went to the lawn in the Forest Park. I was right that there were sunbathers. I saw a girl lying on her stomach not far from the trail. She was reading. I went up to her asking how long she would stay there. A half hour, answered she. I then asked if she would mind if I painted her. She said no with a smile. So I got busy immediately setting up my kit. The whole painting took about forty minutes. Her name was Anne.

The following drawings were actually done before lunch. I did some chores in the morning and took a shower. Then I felt like taking a walk to have some fresh air. I grabbed my sketchbook and walked out of the door. I went to the park playground. For sure I would see children and their parents there. I sat down and took a few drawings.

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