Friday, July 29, 2016

En Plein Air: Tu Casa Restaurant (Oil, 12 x 9)

When I was biking down Lefferts Blvd. the day before, I noticed the restaurant on the street corner of Metropolitan Ave. I found the architectural style of the building interesting and decided to paint it later. The sun was behind the building in the morning, so I thought it was better to paint in the afternoon. It rained this morning but cleared up toward noon. So it was perfect when the sun came out after lunch. 

On my way to the spot, I was surprised to realize that I've been known to quite a few people in this area. When she saw me pass by, an unknown lady, who was watering her lawn with a hose, smiled and asked me,  "What are you going to paint, today?" It caught me totally by surprise. When I was painting, another lady stopped and asked if anyone had contacted me because they were thinking of involving me in a federal-funded program. I told her yes but as a Floridian, I was not qualified for the program. Others shared with me their artworks from the cell phone. On my way home, a girl walking towards me asked unexpectedly, "So you have finished the painting?" I guess I am pretty eye-catching. How many old Asian men can you run into painting here and there almost every day in the street?

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