Monday, July 4, 2016

En Plein Air: Grace Episcopal Church (Oil, 12 x 9)

A few days ago, I found online this church which was located at Jamaica Center. It looked old but gracefully structured. If I took E Train, it was only one minute walk from the subway terminal. That was not too difficult for me to handle even with my leg problem. As a matter of fact, I've noticed from online reviews, the most active churches with commendable community services were usually concentrated in areas like Jamaica whose residents were mostly newly immigrated minorities form third-world countries. Maybe they needed religion more than those in affluent areas. As John Lennon put it, God is a yardstick used to measure human pains.

When I got on Parson St, I was able to see the church with its high and sharp spire pointing toward the sky. It was surrounded by its cemetery on three sides. I tried to find a spot in which I could see the sun shining from behind the steeple but at a certain angle. I first tried to get into the church but it was locked, Nor could I get into the cemetery. I walked all the four sides around the block and came back on Parson St. again. I failed to locate an ideal spot, either because the thick foliage blocked the view of the steeple or because the store buildings made it impossible to see any part of it. 

Therefore, I set up on Parson St., back to the Social Security Office Building, knowing nobody would work on July 4th. I negotiated my location and moved once fortunately before I started for someone who parked her car right in front of me. Then, because it was a Federal building, the security was really tight. Before I finished setting up, cops came asking how long I would be there. I said two hours and one of them talked to someone on CB radio. I thought they would drive me away again, but they left me along.

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