Wednesday, July 27, 2016

En Plein Air: Arthur Ashe Tennis Stadium (Oil, 9 x 12)

I meant to go to the boat rental place at the Flushing Meadows Corona Park this morning to paint sailing boats. I didn't expect that when I got off 7 Train at 111 St., there was no elevator at the station. I had to carry my kit all the way from the overhead tracks step by step down the staircase to the street. By the time I arrived at the Corona Park Entrance, I was pretty much exhausted. I was intimidated at the idea of going further to the lake. As I approached the bridge over the Grand Central Parkway, I saw behind it the Arthur Ashe Stadium stand in the morning sun. Therefore, I decided to paint the stadium instead.

There was an interesting anecdote this morning. Like always, people who passed by would stop to watch me paint or carry a casual conversation with me. In that part of Queens, there were many Hispanics. One guy stood behind me quietly. He watched for quite a long time. And then he made me an offer. He wanted to trade a jersey in his hand for my painting. He said, "Look! It is from Mexico." It was a brand-new beautiful jersey with some kind of team emblem and athletes' number embroidered on it. I didn't know exactly what kind of ball game or team it was and why he wanted to trade it. I told him that I didn't need the jersey and didn't want to make that deal either. He seemed to be pretty disappointed when he was leaving. I felt sorry for the guy and also regretted that I forgot to give him my card so that he could at least make a copy of the painting from my blog. I really didn't mind if he wanted to do so. Oh, well, some kind of interesting guy, I guess.

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