Wednesday, July 5, 2017

En Plein Air: Two Trees (Acrylic 10 x 17)

I drove westbound along N. River Road (Highway 78), this morning. After passing the Fichter Creek, I turned right into a country road in an attempt to find something paintable but in vain. When I was back on the roadside of the highway, preparing to get into the traffic, I notice on my left a car coming out of a street named Taylor Road. Suddenly I got an impulse to check it out in spite of the fact that there was a tag of No Outlet under the road sign. The road led me to a beautiful place on the Caloosathachee River. There were three houses: big, medium and small. The big house was kind of modern. The other two were wooden houses. I especially like the small one, very cozy and stylish with outdoor vase and staircase. There was on the railing a sign saying: The Hawkins Are at Play. There was a gravel road circle in front of it. I had never seen such a spacious lawn on the river bank. I saw a golf cart parked near a house. No wonder they took such good care fo the lawn.

I knew I was trespassing, so I stopped my car on the gravel drive circle. I walked over to the small house and holler to find the owner. After a while, I decided there was no one inside. Therefore, I helped myself to the property. I went to my car to get  out the painting kit and set up to paint.

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