Saturday, July 29, 2017

Alla Prima Portrait: Jimmy (Acrylic 20 x 16)

This morning I went to the First Community Congregational Church to paint portraits again. Today's model was Jimmy. Jimmy was one of the Haitian Americans who came to the Congregational Church every Saturday to have their worship service instead of Sunday. It seemed to me that they were on their own and was not affiliated with the Congregational Church. Maybe the ethnic community simply rented the site. It was interesting to witness their special cultural traditions during the religious worship.

They have obviously preserved quite a bit of the traditional rituals. Everyone who came to the church was dressed up including children. I loved to see the ladies' dresses, especially their headdresses or simply a kerchief wrapped around the head -- very stylish. At first, a lady, who was evidently with the children's church, offered to pose for me. I was so happy that I told her I would pose the portrait in my blog and she could make a copy of it. Unfortunately, for some reason, she said she didn't want her portrait posted online, so she quitted sitting for me. At that time, Jimmy said he was willing to pose. He was a very patient model and a cool guy.

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