Saturday, July 22, 2017

Alla Prima Portrait: Don (Acrylic, 20 x 16)

This morning I meant to paint something but rural scenes for a change. I went to the downtown flea market. Maybe it was too early; there were very few people there. After that, I went to the Veterans Memorial Park. Still, there was no much going on. Therefore, I decided to go to the Community Congregational Church. Since there was a food pantry today, I saw quite a few volunteers there. Finally, I decided to paint a gentleman named Don, who was working in the back room of the church giving away bread. When there was no one coming for bread, he sat on a pew by the window. He was very cooperative. I found the painting process was very smooth today. I didn't even bother to change the brushes. Simply rinsing in water, I continued working with the brush in different colors till the size of the brush was unable to accommodate the space I needed to cover.


  1. Thank you for taking the time to recognize Don and for taking the time to immortalize him in your painting.
    FYI, he's my Dad

    Sandy Caruso

    1. You are most welcome, Sandy. Glad to have painted your Dad. He is a very nice gentleman and a great model. Compared with models at the portrait studio, I like better painting ordinary people in natural environment. That is why I often take to trouble to go to churches, nursing homes, and even malls to paint people in such environments. I especially like to paint the Congregational Church where your Dad volunteers because it does serve the needs of the community.