Monday, July 17, 2017

En Plein Air Sketch: Two Donkeys by the Barn (Acrylic 12 x 16)

I turned right onto Herzog Rd. from Highway 80 this morning. As I drove a little farther, I noticed on my right a few donkeys were enjoying the shade by the barn. There was quite a distance from where I was and it was difficult to paint from the road. Fortunately, the road ended in about 200 yards and branched out into three different country drives in a fan shape. The one on the right happened to parallel the fence of the donkey farm and down the driveway, I could see a good spot from which I could paint the donkeys. I knew the drive was already part of someone's property. I tried to find its owner to get permission to be there, so I drove down the drive till I saw a bungalow house with some trucks parked outside. I knocked the door and even hollered, but no one answered the door. I realized there was nobody in there because through the side glass window I could see a sight of renovation with the ceiling fan spinning and all the windows cracked open, obviously in an attempt to ventilate the air. So I helped myself to the place. I parked my car on the road shoulder and began to set up. I knew animals would not stay in the same position for long, so I rushed through the painting. It took a little more than an hour.

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