Sunday, April 21, 2013

Plein Air: An Inflatable Boat on Dry Land

In the past week, I had been tinkering with a new guerrilla easel because the one I had was too low to stand and paint. I didn't have problem sitting while painting. The problem was, sometimes, I had to stand to paint the view. Finally it was completed this morning and I was eager to put it to test. This afternoon, after lunch, I drove to Owl Creek Boatyard. There were quite a few  yatches on the dock. I happened to see a small inflatable boat on the grass. At boatyard, people simply called it Zodiac boat because of the name brand. My gurerrilla easel worked pretty well. When I finished painting, I took a picture of the easel with the scene in the background. Now you know that I am a faithful realist artist.

You couldn't see very clearly, but only part of the triangle cloth tied to the three legs of the tripod under the paint box. I call it my guerrilla easel bikini, or monokini, whatever. It is very useful. When it is windy, I can add something heavy to wiegh down the easel in order to make it stable. Especially when I use the umbrella, strong wind could blow the easel off the ground. If it is not windy, you may use the space for anything.


  1. I really like this painting. Good angle. I think this is the tripod from the VAC sale that you turned into an easle right? Thanks for all the comments about the portrait class last week. I was not there. I was hoping to bring my dad to model that day but he was tired from his plane trip here. Maybe that would have helped you find a spot having 2 models that day. Sorry it was a complicated situation with the other painter. I understand what you are saying. I see you are now off to New York. That will have so much color and activity. I will keep checking out your paintings.

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