Thursday, April 11, 2013

Oil Sketch: Artist Karen Engberg

Today at Punta Gorda VAC Portrait Studio, Artist Karen Engberg posed for us. She was a great model and even offered to extend a few more minutes to let me put on my finishing touches. Overall, I had a good experience and the whole process went smoothly. I didn't feel I was struggling with any effect that had caused a problem to me. However, I knew I made a stupid mistake today. Actually, around the middle of the session, I realized that inadvertently I had tailored reality to the best effect without some unnecessary details added to it even though for her hair, I had only marked its border with her face. It dawned on me why some renowned artists like Jeremy Lipking, Quang Ho, etc. often displayed some of their incompleted paintings. I understood that they felt it was the best moment to stop and leave the painting as it was. I sensed that at the moment, but then a silly idea popped into my mind that changed my mind. Suddenly I asked myself what I was going to do with the rest of the session since I brought only one canvas paper to the portrait studio. So I didn't stop and didn't save the best effect of the painting experience. In fact, I overdid it. What a shame!


  1. sometimes I take a few pictures as I am working on a painting, since my purpose is usually a learning process. That way when I do go farther that that "moment when it was right on" I can perhaps see a bit of that in the photo and try to rationally figure out the good things I might have done instinctively and try to keep that plan stired in my brain, kinda like taking notes to read again to build up some skill level. HA! the lady looked like she was maybe difficult, I couldn't make it Thursday.