Monday, April 15, 2013

Oil Sketch: Country Road

The location is the intersection of 4th Terr. and Wheeler Road. I went there around 5 PM and meant to paint into the effect of evening. However, it was still very light. Even though there is a road sign at the intersection, as a matter of fact, what your eyes could see was all about the road. Further down it could only be called a trail in woods. I guess it was planned by the local government for development when the realty industry was booming in the good old days in this area. For now there was only one family living by the roadside. The owner had his property fenced in to raise horses and some big birds. They were orstriches or emus. I was unable to tell their differences. The sketch took a little more than an hour and went pretty smoothly. I was glad I finished it before the rain storm could catch me.

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