Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Sketch of Figures in Environment: Pumpkin Sale (Oil, 11 x 14)

I meant to paint at the Veteran Park this morning. When I was driving past the First Community Congregational Church, I  saw they were holding the annual pumpkin Sale with the tent propped up and a great number of pumpkins and guards lined up on the grass in various sizes. The scene reminded me that I had promised myself to paint them one of these days even though I didn't know what exactly I was going to paint. Usually, I was not really too crazy about the Halloween. However, I was always happy to see the pumpkin sale. Therefore, I simply made a felt turn and pulled into the parking lot. The lady there recognized me because I painted there before. I asked her, whose name was Ada, for her permission to paint her. She said it was OK so long as I would not be in her way for business. Fortunately (I mean to me), it was a slow morning and she didn't have to leave the table to take care of business. I was not sure whether it had been scheduled or because it was a slow morning, anyway, Ada and other three people decided to hold a Bible Study, which gave me time to paint them.

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