Monday, October 24, 2016

Oil Sketch: FGCU Student Darian (10 x 16)

It was a pure serendipity! I did a quick oil sketch this morning at the Harns Marsh. When I got home, it was only a little past 11 AM. I ate the lunch, took a nap, cleaned the brushes, and then I got online to browse the local open-air farmers' markets. As I mentioned before, recently I had a crave for painting figures in the sun. I remembered the Florida Gulf Coast University's farmers' market was usually scheduled on Tuesday. Maybe I missed the date of the message, but I was so surprised when I came across one which said, "Come to our farmers' market now. It runs 5 PM - 8 PM." What? It was only Monday! I didn't even double check it before I hopped into my car and drove to FGCU.

After I parked my car at the visitors' parking lot, I dragged the kit all the way to the Library lawn on which the farmers' market was usually held. To my surprise, the lawn was empty. There was no sign of any vegetable vendors. I only saw a girl nestling sidewise in a hammock tied to the trees with legs dangling from the edge of the hammock. She was working on her laptop. I asked her about the farmers' market. She said, as far she knew, they were scheduled for Tuesdays instead of Mondays. It was so disappointing. Nevertheless, I felt I had to get something done for such a trip, so I asked the girl for her permission to paint her. She was very nice and said she didn't mind at all. Her name was Darian, a criminology major.

The sun was setting quickly after I set up. The sketch took only an hour.

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