Tuesday, March 1, 2016

En Plein air: Cookie Vendor at Church's Yard Sale (Oil, 11 x 14)

On my way to Buckingham Rd. where I planned to paint this morning, I passed the A-framed Congregational Church on Leland Heights Blvd. Some vendors were beginning to set up their booths on the church parking lot. It was only Tuesday! It brought back the questions I had last week when I passed the church: What were they doing? It was not weekend and why are they holding yard sale now? And they also did that for a number of days on end. Then I remembered the Congregational Church often organized charity activities for the needy people. It must be a similar activity to raise fund or something like that. There were  booths selling plants, honey, veggies, dresses, etc.

The tents in the sun caught my eyes and reminded me of the view to paint. So immediately I made a U-turn and got into the parking lot. I asked the person in charge, Wayne, if I could set up to paint by the church sign. He said yes and helped me by telling the in-coming vendors to set their booths at places further away from me. I really appreciated it because they might have blocked my vision if they had set up too close to me. When I finished, I thanked Wayne for allowing me to paint there. He looked at the painting and said with a smile, "I should thank you for coming here to paint.